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Welcome to my homepage: Dear reader, this homepage is dedicated mostly for Amiga computers. I am a programmer and graphician. You will find here articles related to Amiga as well as software and resource base for the Amiga.

Let's start with the Fred Fish disks descriptions and reviews! Fred Fish disks is a collection of various Amiga software.

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Contents of disk 1:
Graphical benchmark for comparing amigas. Author: Charlie Heath (MicroSmiths)
Terminal emulation program with xmodem upload/download capability. Author: Michael Mounier
Simulation of the "kinetic thingy" with balls on strings where only the end balls move (quick, can YOU come up with a better description?). Anyway, cute. Author: Perry Kivolowitz
Shows off use of hold-and-modify mode. Posted to usenet by Robert Pariseau.
Dhrystone benchmark program. Author: Reinhold Weicker (Ada version) Rick Richardson (C version)
Source to the "dotty window" demo on the Workbench disk. Posted to usenet by Dale Luck.
A small "paint" type program. Free drawing, boxes, filled boxes, etc. Author: Rick Ross
"Fun with Gadgets". Demonstration program for use of gadgets. Author: John Draper (Aka "crunch")
Graphical memory usage display program. Watch your machine's memory usage! Cute and useful. Author: Louis Mamakos
Sample program that demonstrates "Extra-Half-Brite" mode on latter AMIGA's with new VLSI chip. Allows 64 colors in low-res mode, rather than 32. Posted to usenet by Robert Pariseau.
Demonstrates creation of a simple window, "hello world". Posted to usenet by Eric Lavitsky.
Shows how to access the Motorola Fast Floating Point library from Lattice C. Also demonstrates the tremendous speedup obtained. Author: Larry Hildenbrand
Sample program for designing color palettes. Author: Charlie Heath
Demonstrates use of the trackdisk driver. Useful example of "raw" disk read/write. Author: Rob Peck
Sample program and documentation for building and using requesters. John worked REAL hard to dig out all the information in this one! Author: John Draper (aka "crunch")
Sample speech demo program. Stripped down version of "speechtoy". Author: Rob Peck
Another speech demo program. Cute. You have to see this one. Be sure to click gadget that pops up the face. Author: David Lucas

Additionally, here's sample gallery of my work-in-progress game called "Warehouse" (Magazyn in Polish), a Sokoban puzzle clone with a board editor.

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