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Warehouse Game "Warehouse" for Amiga OS 3 with Enhanced Chipset has become available. It is a Sokoban clone.

Download link: Warehouse 1.6.lha

Gloom Deluxe by Black Magic area

This page contains some useful utilities and add-ons for the famous Gloom Deluxe game from Black Magic.

This includes Gloom map editor (Additional data for editor).

Here is a description for this program.

Boulder Daesh by Guido Mersmann area

Here my fixed caves for Boulder Daesh are placed.

These are original caves from Boulder Dash with good design (to free fierflies you do not need to get in contact with them).

Benefactor by Digital Illusions area

Some material from Benefactor can be found on my page.

Deluxe Paint V area

Here you will find graphics drawn by me and some tips for this painting program.

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