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Here you can find download section of our page. Please, read the documentation before running any of the games.
Dwarves in the Iceland Arctic Hunter Diver Warehouse
Amiga Robbo Space Station Astro Blox Mouse pointer
My game called Dwarves in the Iceland. Download LhA archive here. This is a game similar to Lemmings 3. Rescue all the Dwarves. Each Dwarf can collect a skill.
Dwarves in the Iceland screen shot
My game called Arctic Hunter. Download LhA archive here. This is nice Christmas-themed game with Santa Claus collecting colorful stones.
Arctic Hunter screen shot
My game called Diver. Download LhA archive here. In this game you have to collect precious treasures, protected by a giant squid. The graphics in this game was created by Krzysztof Matys.
Diver screen shot
My game called Warehouse. Download LhA archive here. This is a Sokoban clone with nice features.
Warehouse screen shot
My simple clone of Janusz Pelc from LK Avalon game, called Amiga Robbo. Download LhA archive here.
Robbo screen shot
My text-adventure game for Engine Nine Adventure Creator by Matt Briggs, titled Space Station. Download LhA archive here.
My Sokoban innovative clone called Astro Blox. Download LhA archive here.
A nice Mouse Pointer for Amiga Workbench. Download ZIP archive here. Unpack it and double-click the Preset Icon (requires at least Amiga OS 3.0).